As America has done to Israel - by: John P. McTernan America's Fatal Mistake: It Doesn't Have to be Yours

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As America has done to Israel - by: John P. McTernan

As America Has Done to Israel

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"The book that links awesome disasters hitting America and dividing the land of Israel."

John uses his skills as a criminal investigator to uncover God working in American history. This is the most unusual study of history you will ever read, as events come alive when seeing God in American history. Starting from President George Washington, John shows as America blessed the Jewish people and later Israel, how America was greatly blessed.
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America's Fatal Mistake: It Doesn't Have to be Yours

America's Fatal Mistake (It doesn't have to be yours)

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"This DVD series will give you incredible knowledge of history and current events. "

In this powerful 3 DVD series, John reveals how the blessings and curses America has endured are in direct correlation with how we treat Israel.

I Could Take His Punch - by: John P. McTernan

I Could Take His Punch

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"A book that you cannot put down, and a story you will never forget."

This book captures the legend of Joe McTernan. He was a legendary figure to his family and all that knew him. When reading this book, you will be amazed, astonished and laughing about his adventures and exploits. He almost seems like a character out of a novel, but all his exploits are true. He possessed incredible strength, an unbelievable appetite, along with an indomitable will.

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John P. McTernan

About John P. McTernan

John P. McTernan is a lifetime student of American history and has studied biblical prophecy since the 1970's. He has a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Ph.D from Calvary Christian College. He served as a Federal Agent for 26 years retiring in 1998.

He authored many books including three involving Israel including God's Final Warning to America, Israel: The Blessing or the Curse and his current best seller As America Has Done to Israel.

He has spoken across America including numerous radio and TV appearances. He is the founder of Defend and Proclaim the Faith Ministry.

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As America has done to Israel - by: John P. McTernan AS AMERICA HAS DONE TO ISRAEL

"The book that explains the disasters hitting America and the Middle East crisis."