When Jesus Sets You Free & I Could Take His Punch


When Jesus Sets You Free and I Could Take His Punch

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When Jesus Sets You Free

Although this book is aimed at prisoners, it has a far broader reach; anyone who understands the legal system can understand this message. The concepts found in this book have resulted from a merger of John’s 26 years of career experience as a federal agent, his intensive study of the Bible, and his ministry to prisoners. Together they have given him a unique understanding of how God deals with man through a precise legal system. If you can understand man’s legal system, then it is very easy to understand God’s.

The key is to see sin as the equivalent of crime in God’s system, and then all the rest falls into place. The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not “hang in the air,” but is tied directly into a divine legal system with Jesus Christ as your Defense Attorney. It is very clear that God deals with man through a legal context. After reading this book, you will fully understand why you need Jesus Christ as your Savior/Advocate. May God use this book to give you assurance of eternal life with Him, through His ordained Advocate and Attorney for you, Jesus Christ.


I Could Take His Punch

This book captures the legend of Joe McTernan. He was a legendary figure to his family and all that knew him. When reading this book, you will be amazed, astonished, and laughing about his adventures and exploits. He almost seems like a character out of a novel, but all his exploits are true. He possessed incredible strength, an unbelievable appetite, along with an indomitable will. He could defeat professionally trained fighters and walk up to wild deer and touch them! He was an expert with horses and a marksman with a rifle. He overcame accidents and sicknesses that few, if any, people could overcome and yet lived to be 95!

His encounter with Jesus Christ, at the very end of his life, was a true miracle by all who witnessed it. He was supposed to die, but instead came out of a catatonic state praising Jesus as his Savior. He could not breathe, yet with supernatural power, was proclaiming Jesus. He was a beacon of God’s love to all that came close to him.

I Can Take His Punch is uniquely inspirational and a most enjoyable read. It is a book that you cannot put down, and a story you will never forget.