America’s Fatal Mistake (It doesn’t have to be yours)

usp_as_americas_fatal_mistake_it_dosnt_have_to_be_yours_coverIn this powerful 3 DVD series, John reveals how the blessings and curses America has endured are in direct correlation with how we treat Israel.

Part 1.
In this DVD, John brings American history alive as, starting from George Washington, he shows how involved the Jewish people were in America. You will be amazed to see the Jewish involvement in the Revolution and Civil War, and how God used America to help bring about His prophetic plan for Israel.

Part 2.
This DVD covers the correlation between pressuring Israel to divide the land and the corresponding disaster hitting America. John shows his documentation for the events and you can see the correlations with your own eyes. Many of the events are together as front page headlines.

Part 3.
In this DVD, John uses maps to show the modern names for the countries mentioned in Bible prophecy that are destroyed in war with Israel. These maps bring the Bible alive for the hour we live.

The book and DVD series will give you incredible knowledge of history and current events. You will clearly understand Bible prophecy and where the explosive events in the Middle East are heading.

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