As America Has Done to Israel


The book explores Bible prophecy about Israel and shows the awesome wars starting in the Middle East including the creation of an Islamic caliphate. This results in all-out war between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. This war is now forming as you read current events. Based on Bible prophecy, you can know what is about to happen in the Middle East and where events are leading. This book ties it all together.

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Is America on a collision course with God?

There is a direct correlation between the alarming number of massive disasters striking America and her leaders pressuring Israel to surrender her land for peace.

Costing hundreds of lives and causing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage, dozens of disasters, including devastating earthquakes, raging fires, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, and tornadoes, have hit America – and always within twenty four hours of putting pressure on Israel.

What can you do as an individual – and what can America do – to change the direction of our country in relation to Israel to prevent an increasing number of calamities?

“This book proves the key to the past and future of America is inextricably tied to what America has done to Israel. This book shows why I fear for the future of America….”

-Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural! TV

About the Author
John P. McTernan is a lifetime student of American history. He is an avid student of Biblical prophecy since becoming a Christian in the early 1970s. He authored the acclaimed God s Final Warning to America and co-authored the bestseller Israel: The Blessing or the Curse. During numerous appearances on television, radio, and in seminars he has defended Israel in light of Biblical prophecy. In 1974 John became involved with the Pro-Life Movement and is a Pro-Life leader in central Pennsylvania. He co-founded International Cops for Christ where he serves as an ordained chaplain. He served as a US Treasury agent for 26 years until retiring in 1998. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2009, he was awarded an honorary PhD in Biblical Studies from Calvary Christian College and Seminary. He is married and the father of four children.